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The preferred platform that allows Intermediaries to extend and

enhance their service offering, creating solid revenue

building and client retention opportunities.


The Number 1 medical scheme & gap cover quote solution for the health care broker

GetQuote gives Intermediaries and Health Care Brokers easy and quick web-based access to comparative medical scheme & gap cover quotations to utilise in their client consultations.


This platform allows Intermediaries to extend and enhance their service offering, creating solid revenue building and client retention opportunities.

Clients will be able to rely on their financial advisor for the latest needs-based information and costing structures with regards to their health cover profiles.

With GetQuote the Intermediary can extract a number of comparative web-based quotations to help the client make the best decision with regards to their health cover selection (medical scheme and / or gap cover). All the top open medical schemes & gap cover insurers in South Africa are represented, and the information complies with the FAIS Act and Council for Medical Schemes regulations.

About Us

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GetQuote is a full subsidiary of MedQuote (Pty) Ltd and has acquired the rights to package and distribute an Intermediary Quoting Solution under license to Intermediaries.


The license enables users (i.e. the Intermediary / Financial Planner) to extract unlimited comparative health cover quotations to use in their customer engagement sessions.


The software has been set up to promote ease of use and to address the needs of Intermediaries that sell and/ or consult in the medical scheme environment and to give them instant access to comparative information.


The software is functional on multi-devices and fully responsive, increasing the ease of use. Get access to comparative information that is in your clients’ best interest, whilst you continue to adhere to your compliance requirements.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use


As medical scheme plans, options and benefits have become highly complex, comprehensive and regulated, the challenge for any Health Care Intermediary is to ensure they give the most accurate and objective advice to their clients.


With all the work already done in GetQuote’s back-end, the subscribed Intermediary has access to all the available and latest information, cost structures, benefits linked to a specific option, and other product features – condensed in an easy digestible and printable format.

Selling medical schemes, gap cover or giving FAIS compliant advice to your client has never been easier. Compiling a comparative quotation in a user-friendly, web-based format will literally take a few minutes, giving the intermediary the ability to focus on more results-driven engagement with the client.


GetQuote is updated with the latest product information and cost structures the moment the annual health cover option change period launches and the selective product changes are announced. There is also no need for new version downloads when there are updates and changes made to the package as it’s fully web-based. This saves the user time and money.

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To get access to GetQuote, you need to register.

A company gets initial access for up to 5 licenses (for more licenses, send your request via the Contact Page).

All quotations will be sent to the email address linked to the registration.

Cost Structure

Monthly fee: R250 per user

Payment method: Electronic debit order

*Rates are for Intermediary organisations with less than 10 subscribers.
For subscription rates for larger Financial Service Providers, mail to contact@getquote.co.za

What you’ll need to sign up:

  • Provide your company name
  • Identify and give personal details of GetQuote administrator of your company. This person will be able to add new users that are part of the same company.
  • Enter a voucher code (if applicable)
  • Provide your banking details to activate the debit order
  • Enter a valid email address and password
  • Confirm your registration via email